Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giving Children a Safe Tomorrow

Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Council Member
Ed Gonzalez, Katherine Cabaniss,
Andy Kahan, Lee Vela

April 2, 2012– Crime Stoppers of Houston hosted a press conference at their midtown headquarters to announce the launch of the 2012 Safe Child Initiative.  This is the sixth consecutive campaign to keep Houston’s children safe since the inaugural initiative in 2007.

Executive Director Katherine Cabaniss introduced April’s initiative as “a one of a kind campaign to keep our children safe where they live, learn and play.” By educating citizens on child abuse prevention, and targeting fugitives charged with child abuse related crimes, Crime Stoppers aims to reduce incidents of child abuse throughout Harris County. “This is the most important initiative we will conduct all year, because it strives to keep our children safe.”

Cabaniss was joined by Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia and Houston City Council Member Ed Gonzalez.  Taking aim at perpetrators, Sheriff Garcia warned offenders that deputies are on the ready to apprehend fugitives at large.  “We’re gonna smash your door down.  We’re gonna grab you out of bed.  We’re gonna put you in jail.  We don’t need predators out in the community.”

Echoing Garcia’s sentiments, Council Member Gonzalez appealed to Houston’s citizens to break the cycle of abuse, and reduce incidents in Houston.  “This initiative is intended to bring to light the realities of these crimes.  It’s intended to teach citizens the signs of abuse, and prevent future incidents.”

In addition to providing educational materials to community members, Crime Stoppers will target more than 1,600 felony fugitives in Harris County. Council Member Gonzalez urged Houston citizens to be vigilant, and on the look out for offenders living in their neighborhoods. “They could be your family and neighbors,” stated Gonzalez.

The Safe Child Initiative will culminate with a screening of the film “Family Affair” at Studio Movie Grill on April 25, 2012.  This Safety Seminar will provide citizens an additional opportunity to learn about the impact of child abuse, and interact with a panel of topic experts.

Crime Stoppers’ 2012 Safe Child initiative will feature multiple fugitives through releases to the media and on the Crime Stoppers website www.crime-stoppers.org. Anyone with information about the location of these fugitives is asked to contact Crime Stoppers of Houston at (713) 222-TIPS (8477). 

Join Crime Stoppers this April to keep our kids safe!      

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