Friday, March 2, 2012

Crime Stoppers was pleased to host our closest friends and supporters on Wednesday for a special screening of the film “Not My Life” at Studio Movie Grill in City Centre.  “Not My Life” probed the dark, hidden and often unspeakable realities of Human Trafficking and modern day slavery.  

As the lights dimmed guests ordered their favorite snacks to enjoy while taking in the provocative film “Not My Life.” The film told the stories of Human Trafficking victims from around the world.  Whether forced into labor camps or sold into the international sex trade, the individuals’ stories in the film compelled the audience and she light on the harsh realities of Human Trafficking.  

Following the screening of the film guests had an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Maria Trujillo of Houston’s Rescue and Restore and Crime Stoppers Executive Director Katherine Cabaniss.  A comprehensive dialogue ensued, educating our guests on the state of Human Trafficking in Harris County, and what citizens can do to help stem the tide of Trafficking.

“The United States today is on the same list as Guatemala, Cambodia, and countries like Russia when it comes to Human Trafficking.” Noted Sheriff Garcia, “It’s why the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is making a turn to recognize prostitution as a victim rather than just a sex act.”

“Many people ask themselves, ‘How can I as one person help?’” Asked Maria Trujillo of Houston’s Rescue and Restore. “Tell your friends,” she answered, “Now you know the truth about Human Trafficking, spread the word and watch for those red flags.”

In response to the power and impact of the film, Sheriff Garcia implored the audience, “Don’t let this paralyze you.  Share it and communicate its message.  The experience should be transcended on all levels.”

With many thanks to the people at Studio Movie Grill the evening concluded and the audience left better informed on the state of Human Trafficking in Harris County

“We are proud to partner with Studio Movie Grill in this unique and innovative Speaker Series,” Stated Katherine Cabaniss. “Tonight was the first of six events throughout the year.  It embodies Crime Stoppers’ mission to prevent serious crime in Harris County through education and partnership with the citizens of our community.  The Speaker Series is yet another way that Crime Stoppers is working with our corporate partners, law enforcement, and citizens to ensure a safer Houston.”

Thank you to those who attended.  All are citizens dedicated to living safe in Houston

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