Friday, February 17, 2012

“For when the wine is in, the wit is out.” - Thomas Becon (1512–1567)

The wit was out for two crooks that targeted Houston area grocery stores, stealing high value wine and champagnes. The unsuspecting couple never knew that Crime Stoppers tips would lead to their identification and arrest.

Beginning November 15, 2011, and continuing through mid December, Quincy Carter Jones and his wife Qiana Kunta Curley Jones were captured by store surveillance cameras stealing top shelf wines from an area grocer.    In the first offense, the couple targeted the store on the 12800 block of Memorial Drive.  After breaking into the locked wine cabinet, the suspects selected multiple bottles of high value champagne and concealed the bottles on their persons.  

Repeating the same offense on three additional occasions, the pair got away with nearly $10,000.00 in stolen champagne.  While the Jones’ filled their pockets, surveillance cameras were rolling.

Crime Stoppers released video and photos of the Jones’ caught in the act.  They remained unidentified, and unknown to police.  On December 15, 2011, local media outlets broadcast the suspected shoplifters’ images through the Houston air waves.

That same evening, after the local telecasts, anonymous citizens called Crime Stoppers.  The first call identified the female suspect as Qiana Kunta Curley Jones.  The second identified her accomplice Quincy Carter Jones.  By 9:00 am on December 28, both had been positively identified and charged with felony theft.

Two fugitives are facing justice for committing crime in Harris County.  Area retailers are further protected from career criminals, pillaging from their inventory. Once again Crime Stoppers tips put a cork in a case for Houston.

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