Friday, December 2, 2011

Together We're Going to Make this a Beautiful Place to Live

Precinct 4 County Commissioner R. Jack Cagle
Crime Stoppers’ annual holiday luncheon was held Thursday at Damian’s Cucina Italiana in midtown.  Members from the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors, District Attorney Patricia Lykos, and honored guests joined in celebrating the holiday season and the successful year at Crime Stoppers.

County Commissioner Jack Cagle honored Crime Stoppers during his keynote address. “You have a mission statement that is broader, deeper and reaches down into the core of who we are,” stated Cagle. “Crime Stoppers’ mission is to solve and prevent serious crime in Houston.  What a noble goal.”

Cagle went on to address the serious nature of crime and punishment in the state of Texas, noting the 166,000 men and women incarcerated at a cost of $30,000.00 per inmate per year.  Cagle lauded Crime Stoppers’ crime prevention efforts stating, “If you can prevent crime before it occurs, you can keep these folks out of the prisons, and if you can keep them out of prison you can keep their children out of prison.”

Finally Cagle articulated the County’s commitment to community safety and continued partnership.  “With our commitment from the government working together with law enforcement, we will bring the peace to our communities that we all desire... Together we’re going to make this a beautiful place to live.”

Crime Stoppers joins in that commitment.   Thursday’s holiday luncheon celebrated Crime Stoppers’ special relationship with the Houston community.  The pledge to live safe was ever strengthened through the partnerships formed at Thursday’s luncheon.

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